Chronicle of the Elbhotel

The historic Elbhotel looks back on a history of over 140 years.
In 1876 the Elbhotel was built by the brewery owner Schönfeld and sold to the hotelier Stephan in 1888.
In 1901 the western part was added.

When in 1920 the siblings Margarete & Camilla Stephan were appointed as partners,
they led the Elbhotel to the house of first rank in the city and
the "Elb-Hotel" also received international fame.

Due to the socialization in the GDR, the last owner of the Elbhotel
was denied the concession to continue running the hotel in 1955.
However, it remained in her possession and she had to lease it out
to the HO-Gaststätten.
After the hotel was transferred to state ownership in 1970
it was continued by the HO-Gaststättenbetrieb Pirna.

As a result of this nationalization, the hotel was rebuilt in the 1970s,
and the beautiful front from the Gründerzeit
had to give way to a more "modern" facade.

In May 1991 a hotelier from Kastelruth/South Tyrol acquired the Elbhotel
and a comprehensive modernization of the hotel.

Due to the devastating flood in August 2002, the first floor, with all the furnishings,
as well as the gastronomic area was completely destroyed.
It was not until November 2004 that the owner began reconstruction,
and after extensive building measures the hotel and the restaurant were reopened
by the Mitzscherlich family reopened on April 18, 2005.

In December, after reconstruction work, a small wellness area was added with dry
and steam sauna as well as experience showers and a Kneipp path.

In the spring of 2006, the Elbhotel was not spared another flood,
and there was again 75 cm of water in the basement of the hotel.
In the basement of the house, but after 2 weeks the hotel operation could be quickly resumed.

Another flood in June 2013 forced the Elbhotel again to a short break and, thanks to many hardworking hands, was able to continue hotel and restaurant operations on 15.08.2013.

During this time, the previous tenants, the Mitzscherlich family,
were given the opportunity to buy the Elbhotel.
Thereupon, at the beginning of 2014, some renovation
and reconstruction measures took place on the first floor and the attic.

Since 2020, the hotel has 45 comfortable double rooms furnished in country house style as well as 6 apartments where guests can feel at home.

Our restaurant with a view of the Elbe River as well as our large garden terrace invite you to stay.

Our Schloßbergstübchen is also available for small family celebrations.