Feel good & relax

In the house there is a small wellness area with dry and steam sauna,
experience showers, Kneipp walk and a small drinks bar.
Recover from a long hike and turn for example
a round in the Kneipp walk and you are guaranteed to go to bed with warm feet.


But look for yourself ...

Forget the time, experience the moment, think of yourself
think about yourself - that is a pure wellness vacation in the Elbhotel
- we we invite you.

Look forward to new life energy, from which
you will still profit from which you will profit long after
you have returned to your your professional and private obligations:
This is also what we understand by wellness.

With us you are in the best hands. In the middle
of the unique rocky backdrop of Saxon Switzerland our house
is an oasis of well-being, where you can retreat to
and the hectic and stress of everyday life will
simply fall away from you.
You only need to bring a little time with you,
so that we can properly pamper you.