Herb love

Oh great powers are they if one knows how to care for them properly,
which plants, herbs, stone cherish within them.


They tickle the palate, seduce the senses -
herbs add the final touch to food.

As early as 7000 BC, the peoples of Central America
seasoned their dishes with wild herbs and spices.

In Asian countries, they have also been used for many
hundreds of years, but they first came to Europe by the
Dutch and Portuguese in the Middle Ages.

The monks in the monasteries and many a healing woman were the,
who devoted their lives and souls to nature,
learned about herbs and passed their knowledge
down through the generations. generations. So it is written.

In the Elbhotel kitchen this teaching and tradition is carried on by
our continued by our chef.

In our own herb garden on the roof terrace of the Elbhotel
the herbs grow that serve as ingredients for the fine local
and international and international dishes of the Elbhotel - cuisine.